Home Moving Services

Moving home can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You’ve found your dream home and now all you want to do is move in, arrange your treasured possessions and start living your new life. Hippo Trucks is proud to have helped so many families move home smoothly, hassle-free and at a competitive price. You can get your online quote quickly and easily on our website by simply typing in the postcodes of your move and the size of your property. You can also schedule a time and date for your move and pay online. Information on the size of the truck and how many movers you’ll get on the day will also be included.


Start packing your belongings early (at least a couple of weeks before the move) as you’ll need more time than you think. Pack the things you don’t use that often first and work from room to room. Use specialised packing, solid plastic or sturdy cardboard boxes and mark each one clearly with what’s inside and the room it’s going in.

It’s a good idea to make sure the boxes are not too heavy and spread the load of heavy items (like books) between different boxes. Wrap up anything fragile so it has extra protection, and bubble wrap and old newspaper are excellent for packing and stuffing the empty spaces in your boxes. Your online quote includes the dismantling of any furniture, so Hippo Trucks’ professional staff will do that for you on the day of the move.

Loading and moving

This is the easy part! You can relax and take a deep breath in the knowledge that our team will handle everything for you. Our uniformed staff use sofa covers, moving blankets and straps so you can be sure everything is secure for the move. Then it’s time to say the final goodbyes to your old place as our movers head off to your new home in one of our modern trucks.

Unloading and Welcome to your new home!

Moving home should be stress-free every step of the way, so our team will do all the heavy lifting once we’ve arrived at your new home and ensure every piece of furniture and every box is placed in the room you want it. Any furniture that needs assembling will be done by our team and that service is also included in your online quote.